I (Nhu) learned how to run a business in the year of 1998 in Boston at a store called Eastern Hardwood Floor. I worked here for two years and just when the snow melted in the spring of 1990, I left Boston and decided to move up to Seattle. Washington. As I was there, I decided that the weather was not for me. I did not like the fact that all the rain got my feet wet and in turn, this made all the floors that I was working on soaking wet too.

After being in Washington for a while I decided to move down to California, specifically in Silicon Valley. At first I worked with West Coast Inc., at Union and then transferred to Stuart Floor at Redwood City. In 1991, I decided to start my own business, taking the name Western Hardwood Floor Inc.. Now, a few decades later, we have around 3,000 happy customers that are happy with our services.